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Jammin is an American animated television series originally created by Jamie Shertick and Joe Ferr for Cartoon Network. It follows the adventures of a teenager named Jeremy (voiced by Bobby Moynihan) and his best friend May (Allyn Rachel), both of whom possess supernatural powers. Jeremy and May live in the post-apocalyptic land of Janham, where they interact with weird creatures.

The series has been renewed by Netflix in November 2017 for a second season. The end title is "Intro" from the album Brothers of Destruction. This was chosen because of the atmosphere and to imply that "the end is just the beginning".


This begun as a webcomic by Joe Ferr and Jamie Shertick, through their Ironmint Comics vanity shingle.

After Season 1 finished production, Shankar Animation and Ironmint Productions (with Ironmint Comics shingle) were merged into Clearwater Animation.